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Whispering Bay Ranch & Rabbitry Saint Anthony, Idaho In fact, the Rex does is often a surrogate mother for other abandoned kits., Alex Shannon One of the most notable features of the Rex Rabbit is its fur, which is soft, dense, and velvety to the touch. Beverens were first developed in the early 1900s by a Belgian breeder named Edouard Lucas. One of the most distinctive features of the Flemish Giant rabbit is its size. They also need plenty of exercise, so it is important to provide them with a large, spacious enclosure or allow them to roam freely in a rabbit-proofed area. Parents are quality show sto read more, Seller Name: Gerald King Sr. North Branch, Minnesota The breed is known for its distinctive fuzzy coat, which is characterized by a thick undercoat and long, wavy hairs that give the appearance of a plush, teddy bear-like texture. South Fork, Missouri (760)221-1748, Cindy Page They have fluffy coats and distinctive markings which make them an attractive pet for many people. However, the most well-known and sought-after color is the self variety, which is a uniform color all over the rabbits body. (270)985-7590, Listing moved to New Zealand Page 2/18/2013, Sherilyn Wright They are FBF X DDS,WW, 3R bred. The Holland Lop is a breed of domestic rabbit that is known for its small size and lop ears. The breed is known for its distinctive coloration, which is a dark brown or black coat with silver-tipped hairs, giving it a shimmering, silver-gray appearance. Perryton , Texas We feed the best bunny food available with 17% protein. Mountain Home, Arkansas Kaitlyn Battson Best in Show Youth 2022 ARBA Convention, INTERESTED IN LISTING YOUR RABBITRY ON OUR DIRECTORY OF BREEDERS? Amber, Black, Broken,(including Tri),Californian. However, if you are letting your bunny roam around the house freely make sure you have set up some kind of enclosed space. Kittanning, Pennsylvania, Ron Smith Norco, California Bridgets Bunnies 3R Rabbitry One of the many positives with Timber Mesa Rabbitry is that they have many varieties of Mini Rex. Caseys Rex Lion Rabbits To save you time, weve compiled some best rabbit hutches for indoor and outdoor use for 2021. Overall, we find the Rex to be absolutely ethereal in beauty & demeanor. Owings, Maryland 970-290-0478, Alex Gerken In terms of personality, the Rex Rabbit is known for being intelligent, curious, and easy to handle. I personally recommend raising Californians or New Zealands as meat rabbits. If so, then Rex Rabbits may be the perfect match. Check out more breeder pages: Giant Chinchilla, Havana, Mini Rex, Rhinelander. They have a short, dense coat that is easy to groom and maintain., Judy Grant Grants Pass, Oregon The breed was developed in England in the 19th century, and was named for the long, lop-eared rabbits that were popular in that country at the time. The breed has a short, plush coat that is uniform in length and texture, and it does not shed as much as other breeds of rabbits. S & S Ranch The ears are medium in length and are carried upright, giving the New Zealand rabbit a alert and attentive appearance., Ivan Wentzel In the early 20th century, the English Spot became popular as a pet and was exported to other countries, including the United States. Marion, Montana Cleveland, Ohio, Kristine Jenson Mini Rexes weigh 4.5 pounds at the most when fully grown, making them even smaller. Owosso , Michigan Redneck Rabbitry SPRINGTOWN, Texas Just be sure you have enough time to devote to playing with your mini rex, as they will need plenty of stimulation to stay happy and healthy. Kittanning, Pennsylvania The Rex Rabbit is a breed of domestic rabbit that is known for its distinctive soft, velvety fur, which is caused by a genetic mutation that results in the absence of guard hairs. The Rex rabbits behavior patterns are different from other types of rabbits because they have been domesticated and bred selectively over many years. (541) 761-0110, Kaylie Duncan They were then introduced to the United States before being accepted by the American Rabbit Breeder's Association (ARBA). Louise is an 11 month old Black Otter Rex doe who just weaned her first litter. The result was a smaller rabbit with the same distinctive Rex coat, which is characterized by a plush, velvety texture. In terms of weight, Thrianta rabbits are generally small to medium in size, with males weighing between 4 and 6 pounds and females weighing between 5 and 7 pounds. Howells Honey Bunnies Lincoln, Michigan (270)510-0029, Nikki Easley recognized breed variety in conjunction with white, or white in. If you or your family members get allergies often, Rex Rabbits are a great option for you as they are hypoallergenic. The Rex is a medium-sized rabbit with a commercial, round body and an ideal weight range of 7.5-10.5 pounds. They are generally easy to handle and make great pets for both adults and children. Elmo, Montana This breed has never been known to jump out of enclosures so, therefore, fences built at least 4-6 feet high should not pose any risk either. Angola, Indiana For rex rabbits, it usually takes between 6 and 9 months for them to grow to adult size. Eagle Mountain, Utah Happy Tailz Homestead (901)463-0412, Kathy Dawson (309)333-7866, Brenda Mann Casco, WI They have fluffy coats and distinctive markings which make them an attractive pet for many people. Seller Name: Gerald King Sr. The Satin rabbit is a unique and attractive breed that is known for its glossy, satiny coat. The Rex Rabbit is a breed of domestic rabbit that is known for its distinct, velvety fur. Backporch Rabbitry, Amanda and Auren Taylor They are very clean animals which makes them easy to care for; especially if they live indoors in cages. It is a small to medium-sized rabbit, weighing between 2.5 and 4.5 pounds, with a compact, stocky body and a round head. The Cinnamon Rabbit is a relatively new breed, having only been developed in the United States in the 1980s. They have long, erect ears that stand up to 4 inches tall, and their fur is dense, glossy, and short. Portland, Oregon Nortonville, Kentucky, Cole Mann The Polish rabbit is a small, elegant breed that is known for its distinctive appearance and affectionate personality. Rex Rabbits have long faces with round ears that can either be erect or floppy. The Rex rabbit is a smart, loving breed with strong mothering instincts. Please look through the website to find information about our breeding program and to take a look at our available rabbits . 2. PJs Blue Ribbon Bunnies American Chinchilla rabbits come in a range of colors, including black, blue, and chocolate. Rabbit breeds with rex coats include the Rex and the Mini Rex. The Himalayan rabbit has a white coat with colored points on the ears, nose, feet, and tail. I previously resided in the foothills of the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania and Barbara still lives there. Emerald Hill Rabbitry The breed also has a series of spots down the back and on the hindquarters, which gives it its name. French Lop Rabbits come in a variety of colors, including black, blue, chocolate, gray, and white. Clyde Farms Rabbitry . They have a stocky, muscular build, with thick, soft fur and long, floppy ears that hang down the sides of their face. (406)868-0981, Tiffany Howlett . (661)492-0291, Amy Hillecke The Harlequin rabbit is a unique and eye-catching breed known for its distinctive coloring and playful personality. They are also social animals and enjoy the company of other rabbits, as well as humans. Whether you have only just started keeping Mini Rex or have kept rabbits for as long as you can remember, you will always find a friendly . (251)605-5528, Krista Edwards The Californian rabbit is a popular breed of domestic rabbit that originated in the United States. If this happens you should take them in to see a vet for treatment right away as untreated symptoms of those two health issues could lead to more serious consequences like chronic pain or deafness. Size, Weight, Shape At half the size of the standard Rex rabbit, the Mini Rex is a small size breed. They are an intelligent and social breed, making them a popular choice for both breeding and showing. Bushnell, Florida 2172010136, Chris & Trisha Blair 5416333904, Christian Walker They are affectionate, playful, and make great companions for those who are willing to devote the time and effort needed to properly care for them. (308)207-0292, Lindsey Christensen x4 Stunning velvet black otter mixed litter, mum and dad can be seen and held on viewing with the babies, first to see will buy! (423)720-0343, Holly Winebarger Neuse River Rabbitry. Check out the best rabbit hutches here. Conyers, Georgia Cave Junction, OR 97523, Colton Courtney The Rhinelander Rabbit is considered a rare breed in the United States. Piney Hollow Farm, Emily Colyn The French Angora rabbit comes in a variety of colors, including white, black, blue, chocolate, and lilac. Rex Rabbit Breed: Rex Rabbit Temperament: quiet, intelligent Cost: from $50 for pets to $75 Lifespan: 8 years Recommended for: children over 8 years, older people Maintenance: low Appearance The Rex is classified as a medium sized rabbit weighing around 3kg (7lb). Sex : Male + Female. They have a compact, round body shape with strong legs and a short, upright tail., Charlie Partello The Silver Fox rabbit is a relatively new breed, having been developed in the United States in the early 20th century. They are also fed timothy hay and fresh fruits and veggies from our bunny garden. If you plan on primarily raising rabbits for show, you will have an excellent variety of breeds to choose from! But of course, as long as theyre kept safe within their rabbit-proofed garden or playpen, theyll be just fine. While these animals are usually quite healthy, they can sometimes develop skin problems or ear infections depending on their living conditions. They can be found all around the world on various farms but mostly in North America and Europe. This price may vary according to the pedigree and the quality of the pet. (Small online handling fee applies.). One of the most distinctive features of the Creme dArgent rabbit is its coat color. Its friendly personality and fluffy, cuddly appearance make it a perfect companion for anyone looking for a small, affectionate pet. The breed standard for the Cashmere Lop calls for a solid-colored coat with a distinct and uniform color throughout. The Silver Fox rabbit also has a medium-sized build, with a body length of around 20 inches and a weight of around 8-12 pounds. LSHERFY@GMAIL.COM These are simply a few recommendations that breeders have given me if you fall in love with a different breed (not on the list), feel free to experiment! I will have babies by Easter but I do ask you research before adding a rabbit. Hamilton, Georgia 3.RVHD2 vaccination approx 25 per rabbit. It was created by breeding together several different rabbit breeds, including the Californian, Checkered Giant, New Zealand and Chinchilla, in order to create a rabbit with a unique and desirable coloration. Selma, Alabama (906)280-6997, Michael Klim In all these cases, rex rabbits are considered to be one of the many large-sized rabbits breeds. About US If so go here to post a rabbit classified:, 2023 - All Rights Reserved. Columbia, Tennessee The Rex bunnies come from 1920s France, so here are the main points from their century of existence: The Rexes have a plush fur caused by a mutation on the rex gene. We are a hobby farm that raises rabbits for show. The coat is very dense and the hair's length is equal and uniform across the rabbit's body. Naturally, they wanted to domesticate it! Sandhill Rabbit Rescue Our Backyard Bunch New Caney, Texas They have a compact, muscular body and strong legs. (864)328-5771, Lisa & Roberto Garcia Spartan Winds Rabbitry The breed is known for its distinctive mane of long, silky fur that encircles its head, giving it the appearance of a lion. These rabbits are popular pets due to their gentle nature and adaptability to living in small spaces, such as apartments. The Rex is docile, friendly and loves to be petted. The breed was officially recognized by the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) in 1916. The Dwarf Papillon is a relatively new breed, having been developed in the 1970s by breeding Miniature Lops and Netherland Dwarfs., Shawn Simons (217)358-4706, Joshua Shepherd Jerome, Idaho Originally from France, the French Lop Rabbit has become a popular pet all over the world. All rare colors. Also if you are planning on raising rabbits for pets, it is important to consider whether or not you want to breed rabbits. 9204613768, Angela Snyder, Karlie Ries This breed has a compact, sturdy body and a short, wide head. Some breeds are known for their docile nature, and others for their vibrant colors. Hanna, Wyoming, Robyn Holderman The result was the Jersey Woolly, which was recognized as a distinct breed by the American Rabbit Breeders Association in 1988. They are small, friendly, and affectionate, and make great companions for people of all ages. A hutch thats about 4-6 feet tall would do them just fine. Rex Rabbits are docile and like to be in an enclosed area. Known for their tiny size and adorable appearance, these rabbits have become popular pets around the world. The breed standard for Satin rabbits requires that the coat be evenly colored and free of any patches or blemishes. WV HomeGrown Rabbitry Fal.A.Ce Farm Homestead Rabbitry Located in North Eastern Arizona, Timber Mesa Rabbitry prides itself on being one of the best rabbit breeders in Arizona. Gnomestead Farms LLC This breed originated in Turkey, where it was prized for its luxurious wool, and was later imported to Europe and the United States. Funny Bunny Farms Rex, Holland lop, dwarf American domestic Alpine Rabbitry And More Our rabbitry is located in the heart of beautiful country Alpine, Ca. (928)358-8004, Amberlee Murray Watson Rabbitry The Giant Angora rabbit breed comes in a variety of colors, including white, black, blue, chocolate, and many others. (217)871-6140, Dewayne & Angie Jockisch Juniper Knoll Farm, Christi Clyde Cheyenne, Wyoming (402)317-1071, Joe Apple In terms of coloring, Netherland Dwarfs come in a variety of shades and patterns. (203)892-1488, Mary Jordan, Christal Thomson The Cinnamon Rabbit is a unique and visually striking breed of domestic rabbit. The rabbits we breed are also our pets. South Chesterfield, Virginia Healthy Homesteaders Lazy Haley J. Rabbitry Dawsons Bunnie Barn Audreys Funny Farm Edwards Acre Rabbitry It is a cross between these two breeds, resulting in a small rabbit with distinctive, erect ears that are adorned with markings resembling a butterfly. La Place, Illinois 870-202-8814, Katelynn Waters Al Aqmar Farms Rabbits Rabbits can make wonderful pets or show animals. We attend rabbit shows on a regular basis and continue to breed for quality. The most common colors for the points are red, black, and blue, although other colors, such as chocolate and lilac, have also been recognized by the ARBA. 7193097668, KATHY HOYT (208)227-3909, Keara Koepnick Their legs are very strong. 573-298-1925, Jessica Schmitt Oloh/Sumrall, Mississippi, Mississippi Twisted Pine Farm They have a long, elegant neck and a head that is well-proportioned to their body. They are a lot smaller than a normal size rabbit and come with a good personality. The Silver Rabbit breed is a medium to large rabbit, with a sturdy and well-balanced body. Hidden Mountain Rabbitry is a privately owned, ARBA registered r abbitry located near Somerset, PA. At the same time, checking their well-being, health and hygiene are also important. They also need regular grooming to maintain their soft, velvety fur and to prevent matting. Raven Tree Rabbitry They are a medium to large breed, weighing between 8 and 12 pounds as adults. (541)232-0120, Erica Bancroft Some French Angoras also have markings on their fur, such as spots or splashes of color. Rex rabbit is a medium sized breed with a commercial, solid-looking round body. Rex bunnies also need to have plenty of freshwaters available at all times. Breeder Listing. We hope you enjoy your visit to our website and that it will deepen your interest and understanding in what is becoming today's most popular rabbit, the Mini Rex. Webster, Florida Portland, Oregon Moonbay Rabbitry and Homestead The Lionhead rabbit is a relatively new breed that was first recognized by the British Rabbit Council in 2002. They love to explore and can be very mischievous! Grays Rabbitry (209)966-3263, Arianna Castillo (208)320-2605, Haley Latona DreamCatcher Ranch Rex Rabbits have long faces with round ears that can either be erect or floppy. Breeder listings may include the following: Rabbitry Name Member Name Address Phone E-mail Address Website Address Varieties Raised Magna, Utah Smyrna, South Carolina All 47 ARBA recognized breeds are eligible to be shown at any major rabbit show. Graham, Washington Rex Rabbits usually eat hay and other vegetables like carrots, because they contain a lot of Vitamin A which is needed for bone growth. The breed was developed in the early 1900s by a group of rabbit breeders in Florida who were looking to create a rabbit that could thrive in the hot and humid climate of the state. They have a round and compact body with a wide chest and short, stocky legs. A Rex rabbit is one of nine breeds of domestic rabbits that is recognized by both the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) and the British Rabbit Council (BRC). Just make sure the breed that you choose weighs over 4 pounds at adulthood. Ashby Acres Rabbitry The breed is known for its distinctive coat, which is soft, fine, and shiny, with a dense undercoat. Whether its your first time getting a Rex Rabbit or an existing bunny parent, you should have a ready list of questions to ask the breeder. AB Rabbitry The Harlequin rabbit is a relatively new breed, having been developed in France in the late 19th century., John Mullins The Silver Marten rabbit was first developed in the United States in the 1930s. In the broken. In addition to its striking appearance, the Californian rabbit is also known for its high fertility rate and efficient meat production. The Lionhead rabbit is a great breed for both experienced rabbit owners and those new to rabbit ownership. The Blanc de Hotot is a small to medium-sized breed of rabbit that is known for its striking white coat and distinctive black markings around the eyes. They are generally easy to handle and make great pets for both children and adults. D and B rabbit breeding These rabbits have a white body with orange and black spots on their heads, ears, and feet. TRIPLE F RABBITRY McDaris Rabbitry 9 Beautiful pure bred Rex rabbits looking for a furever home. RexRox Rabbitry Yost Family Rabbitry Lucky Rabbit Farms If youre in search of Rex Rabbit for sale in the US, youre in luck. Their ears are medium in length and should stand upright, and they have a short, fluffy tail. It was created by breeding rabbits with a genetic mutation that resulted in a white coat with colored points, similar to that of the Himalayan cat. Cold spring, Minnesota, Chelsea Cuttill Rabbit Renaissance Remember, the best production animals dont usually make the best pets. Rex Rabbits also enjoy socializing with other rabbits. They have these really cute, long ears that are set at an angle and hang down to mid-back level. (870)919-6293, Cody Barrett Winchester, Tennessee The goal was to create a breed with the body type and personality of a Netherland Dwarf and the fluffy coat of an Angora. Rabbits of the Woodland Realm The Meissner Lop is a breed of domestic rabbit that is known for its docile and friendly personality, as well as its beautiful, soft fur. Derby, Kansas 3097842162, Creager Family The coat is thick and glossy, with a plush texture that is soft to the touch. Mr T Oversby, Holmfirth, West Yorkshire, Tel 07715 244629 Email: Breeder and exhibitor of MINI LOPS. Thomson Urban Rabbitry Tiffanys Treasured Rabbitry Pepper Jack Rabbits (307)622-3882, Jessie-Lauren Foster Despite their intimidating size, Flemish Giant rabbits are known for their gentle and docile nature. Itll keep them away from chewing or nibbling on your stuff, like wires or gadgets. Green At Heart Farm Joplin, Missouri If you plan on raising up one of the rare breeds such as the Blanc de Hotot; you might have to drive a distance in order to find available shows. We hope this website answers most of your questions, but our NRRC Officers and Directorsare available to answer any additional questions you may have. One (1) year - $10.00; Three (3) years - $25.00, One (1) year - $25.00; Three (3) years - $60.00, If you would like to make payment for your Breeder Listing with your credit or debit card, please visit theNRRC Online Store. (352)584-5462, David Driscoll However, it quickly became popular as a pet due to its friendly personality and striking appearance. Anniston, Alabama In addition to its unique fur, the Rex Rabbit is also known for its calm and docile personality. Get found, promote your rabbitry, and support the NRRC! (573)603-1573, Billie Seamon As well as you want them to stay healthy indoors rather than outside where it could be very cold for them. Hoppy Days Rabbitry This breed is relatively new, having been developed in the early 20th century by a French breeder named Madame Blanc de Hotot. It is a popular breed for both show and as a pet, and is widely recognized for its gentle disposition and playful nature. New Zealand/ Rex mixed baby rabbits $15 each only females left 8-10 weeks old I have 1 proven female breeder she is full New Zealand she is $25 I also have a few juvenile females that are ready to be bred they are $20 If interested text the number listed in the reply tab above and ask for whatever age you're interested in. Enquire about the bloodlines of the parents and how closely they are related. Life is Good Rabbitry, Eliza Gray Rabbits do indeed come in all different shapes and sizes. Here is a list of for pet rabbit breeds that many different pet bunny owners recommend. Dubbed the King of Rabbits, they are a type of rabbit that comes in many different colors like black, brown, blue, and white. Marked Tree, Arkansas Standard Rex Bunnies-Castor and broken Castor. The Lionhead rabbit is a relatively easy breed to care for, as they have a short, fine coat that requires minimal grooming., Chase Oothoudt Bunny Barn The popularity of the Rex is largely due to the mutation that produces a short, dense velvet-like quality to the fur. A Mini Rex rabbit will usually have short, thick, and upright ears that are spaced closely together and sit on top of the head. Anchorage/Willow , Alaska Culpeper, Virginia Bristol, Tennessee Wilson Rabbitry is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to The breed has a compact, well-rounded body with a broad chest and strong legs. Anderson, South Carolina In addition to their size and appearance, French Lop Rabbits are known for their calm and gentle temperament.

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